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Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2003: Expert Advice from the Inside Source

The Official Guide
Expert advice from the inside source!

Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2003, the most respected and well-known name in travel guides, takes readers to and through the world's most popular tourist attraction. Since our guide is the only one that's official, this book includes the most accurate information on prices, changes, and new attractions for 2003. Highlights include the lowdown on Disney's latest blockbuster — Mission: SPACE — as well as a complete listing of all teh attractions that offer the timesaving FastPass option. Also included is an explanation of Priority Seating and tips on how to score a seat in the most popular dining spots. All the information you have come to expect from the world's leading travel guide, including prices, insider tips, valuable coupons, and much more, is here to help you make your stay a magical and memorable one.

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Birnbaum's Walt Disney World for Kids, by Kids 2003:

The Official Guide
This only children's guide to the world's favorite vacation destination is written by a group of outgoing, outspoken eight- to fourteen-year-olds who cover every attraction in Walt Disney World, from the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney-MGM Studios to Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Village Marketplace, Discovery Island--even Disney's newest thrill--Animal Kingdom. 4-color throughout.

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Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Without Kids 2003:

The Official Guide
For the millions of visitors who come to the Walt Disney World« Resort without children, this best-selling, up-to-date, guide focuses on the nightlife, Resorts, and special places adults will enjoy most.

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The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2003

By Bob Sehlinger
The Unofficial Guides are the "Consumer Reports" of travel guides, offering candid evaluations of their destinations' attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, sports, and more, all rated and ranked by a team of unbiased inspectors so even the most compulsive planners can be sure they're spending their time and money wisely. Each guide addresses the needs of everyone from families to business travelers, with handy charts that demonstrate how each place stacks up against the competition. Plus, all the details are pulled out so they're extremely easy to scan.

This annually updated blockbuster is everyone's favorite insider guide to the ins and outs of Orlando, one of the most-visited destinations in the U.S. Our team of anonymous inspectors has checked out every inch of the Disney parks, and they've been completely honest and objective in their evaluations of every ride, show, hotel, and restaurant. With the Unofficial Guide in hand, readers know they're maximizing their time, enjoying all the fun, and getting their money's worth.

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World also includes:
  • Every attraction rated and ranked for each age group, based on interviews and surveys of more than 18,000 families
  • When to go and how to avoid the crowds: The best times of year and the best days of the week
  • Field-tested touring itineraries for each park, including Sea World and Universal's Islands of Adventure -- for families, couples, honeymooners, and singles
  • All the area hotels rated and ranked for value and quality of rooms, plus reviews of all the Disney restaurants
  • How to find and meet the Disney characters

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Mini Mickey : The Pocket-Sized Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

By Bob Sehlinger
The Unofficial Guides are the "Consumer Reports" of travel guides, offering candid evaluations of their destinations' attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, sports, and more, all rated and ranked by a team of unbiased inspectors so even the most compulsive planners can be sure they're spending their time and money wisely. Each guide addresses the needs of everyone from families to business travelers, with handy charts that demonstrate how each place stacks up against the competition. Plus, all the details are pulled out so they're extremely easy to scan.

The optimum stay at Walt Disney World is seven days, but many visitors don't have that long. Some are on business, with only a day or two available for Disney's enticements. Others are en route elsewhere or want to sample additional attractions in Orlando and central Florida. For these folks, the Unofficial Guides' Mini Mickey is ideal--a concise, pocket-size version of the best-selling Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, complete with coverage of all the latest developments.

The Top 5 Ways Mini Mickey Can Help You Have the Perfect Trip:
  1. Insider advice on when to go: the best times of the year and the best days of the week
  2. A complete ranking of accommodations both inside and outside "the World"
  3. Concise overviews of all the parks (including Universal's Islands of Adventure) and no-nonsense evaluations of the most popular attractions
  4. Practical tips on making the most of your time, including easy-to-follow one- and two-day touring plans of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, the Universal Parks, and the Animal Kingdom
  5. The straight story on how to avoid long lines for rides, shows, and meals

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The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World With Kids

By Bob Sehlinger
The Unofficial Guides are the "Consumer Reports" of travel guides, offering candid evaluations of their destinations' attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, sports, and more, all rated and ranked by a team of unbiased inspectors so even the most compulsive planners can be sure they're spending their time and money wisely. Each guide addresses the needs of everyone from families to business travelers, with handy charts that demonstrate how each place stacks up against the competition. Plus, all the details are pulled out so they're extremely easy to scan.

Ask any kid and they'll tell you: Walt Disney World is tops on their list of vacation spots. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids will help parents fulfill their kids' fantasies, offering all our best advice and top picks for the younger set in one compact, easy-to-use package. We'll give you the lowdown on family-friendly hotels and restaurants and send you straight to the best rides and shows for each age group. It's never been easier to introduce your kids to all the magic!

The Top 5 Ways The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World with Kids Can Help You Have the Perfect Trip:
  1. Comments and tips on Walt Disney World® from surveys of more than 11,000 families
  2. How to prepare mentally, physically, and logistically for your Walt Disney World family vacation
  3. When to go, where to stay, and how to beat the crowds
  4. Information on which attractions frighten kids and why
  5. How to keep your family happy on vacation and how to return home rested and relaxed

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The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World for Grown-Ups

By Eve Zibart
The Unofficial Guides are the "Consumer Reports" of travel guides, offering candid evaluations of their destinations' attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, sports, and more, all rated and ranked by a team of unbiased inspectors so even the most compulsive planners can be sure they're spending their time and money wisely. Each guide addresses the needs of everyone from families to business travelers, with handy charts that demonstrate how each place stacks up against the competition. Plus, all the details are pulled out so they're extremely easy to scan.

Not everyone visiting Mickey has children in tow! Disney also markets directly to an adult audience--in fact, Disney World is the nation's #1 honeymoon destination. This handy new pocket-sized guide pulls together all the attractions, shows, and resorts that have the most appeal to the over-21 crowd, and also includes info on golf and tennis, nightlife, and sophisticated dining choices.

The Top 5 Ways The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World for Grown-Ups Can Help You Have the Perfect Trip:
  1. Practical tips on how to plan knockout weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries in Disney World
  2. Complete information on when to go, and how to beat the crowds
  3. Insider advice on Disney's exciting nightlife: Where to pop the question, dance all night, and find the best microbrews.
  4. The lowdown on the best shops and souvenirs to take home, so you can spend more time having fun
  5. The straight story on Disney's golf and tennis facilities--where to climb a rock wall and ride a water slide at 60 mph, too.

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Beyond Disney: The Unofficial Guide to Universal, SeaWorld, and the Best of Central Florida

By Bob Sehlinger and Chris Mohney
The Unofficial Guides are the "Consumer Reports" of travel guides, offering candid evaluations of their destinations' attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, sports, and more, all rated and ranked by a team of unbiased inspectors so even the most compulsive planners can be sure they're spending their time and money wisely. Each guide addresses the needs of everyone from families to business travelers, with handy charts that demonstrate how each place stacks up against the competition. Plus, all the details are pulled out so they're extremely easy to scan.

Beyond Disney is the guide for folks who've been there, done that when it comes to Walt Disney World and are ready to explore the host of other attractions in the Orlando area, from Sea World to nationally ranked golf courses to Universal Studios.

The Top 5 Tips that Beyond Disney Reveals to Help You Have the Perfect Trip:
  1. When to go and how to beat the crowds.
  2. What's worthwhile and what's not at Central Florida's major attractions.
  3. Where to go for the best roller coaster action.
  4. Complete coverage of Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure park and all the other new attractions.
  5. The inside scoop on the Orlando area's dinner theaters.

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Walt Disney World With Kids, 2003

By Kim Wright Wiley
Your VIP Ticket to a Magical Family Vacation

At your fingertips is the ultimate family fun guide to Walt Disney World and Orlando's other great theme parks. Written by a kid-travel expert with the help of more than 300 families, the latest edition of this guide to all things fun in Orlando helps you and your family create a perfect touring plan. Now children, teens, and parents alike can see and do exactly what they want at Walt Disney World and surrounding attractions.

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PassPorter Walt Disney World 2002: The Unique Travel Guide, Planner, Organizer, Journal, and Keepsake!

(Expanded for Use Through 2003)

By Jennifer Watson, Dave Marx, and Allison Cerel Marx
How many pouches, pockets, bags, and purses do you want to carry at Walt Disney World? And how well will you remember, amid the clamor and frenzy, which sack holds your entry tickets and which your meal coupons, where you put that map and what you did with the hotel reservations? Among the jumble of guidebooks and cameras, souvenirs and sunglasses, important slips of paper elude panicky fingers. But it needn't be so.

The PassPorter is a brilliant travel aid. It boasts 14 sturdy manila pockets, each clearly labeled, so you know which holds important travel papers (like tickets, itineraries, and maps); which houses papers pertaining to your lodgings; and where to store all the notes, plans, tickets, pamphlets, coupons, and numerous etceteras for each day of Walt Disney World exploration; as well as extra slots for ticket stubs, receipts, and small souvenirs. These pocket pages are also designed for recording important information, such as flight, train, or bus details; target travel budgets; and what you plan to do and where you plan to visit on any given day. Each page has space for jotting down notes and memories of the trip, from meals to weather to the best and worst thing of each day. If you're not an avid journal keeper, these quick notes may keep your many experiences from running together into one hectic jumble.

The pockets alone make this a useful take-along, but the PassPorter is a thorough source of information as well. There are chapters on planning your adventure, lodging options from hotel to resort, plus a full guide to all the sites and attractions of Walt Disney World, as well as passes, special programs, food options, and maps. With a durable-laminated cover, spiral notebook design, and back page of phone numbers (everything from Walt Disney World information to the weather line to MedicClinic), this is possibly the most practical, sanity-saving guide you could take along to Disney World.

Description from Amazon.com

Design magical vacations with this award-winning travel guide and planning system for everyone's favorite playground. Built-in organizer PassPockets keep plans, maps, and memories all in one place, and the travel guide includes everything you need to plan the perfect vacation. Due to its production process and schedule, PassPorter is the most up-to-date guidebook available for Walt Disney World, and is the only 2002 guidebook to include the many significant changes that occurred after 9/11. Many NEW FEATURES, including original, duotone photos of Walt Disney World parks, resorts, eateries, and events (the only unofficial guide to include extensive Disney photos!); an elastic band closure; two-color pages (including maps and charts) for enhanced readibility; details on the new Pop Century Resort; authors' favorite touring plans, attraction-at-a-glance charts; Allie's KidTips for attractions; age-appropriate ratings for rides; sneak peeks at new resorts and attractions; icons for eateries with vegetarian and healthy choices; actual menu items and prices; vacation-at-a-glance worksheet, souvenir worksheet; more reader memories and stories;... plus the entire guide has been checked for accuracy by six expert reviewers! All Disney parks and resort hotels are described in depth, with ratings and resort maps. Comprehensive information for planning, traveling, and dining is also included, along with an entire section devoted to extra-special Disney magic... and the authors keep all their information up-to-date via their PassPorter Web site. Also unique is the ability to really craft your vacation with the help of seven planning worksheets and the organizer PassPockets: write your itinerary on the front of each pocket before you go, store guidemaps, brochures, tickets, and receipts inside the pockets while you're there, and record expenses and memories on the back to review and share when you return. This IS the ultimate traveling companion for Walt Disney World!

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The Hassle-Free Walt Disney World Vacation, 2003

By Steven M. Barrett
Have fun at Walt Disney World Resort theme parks anytime of the year, even the most crowded days — when you know how to plan each day to see as much as possible without getting frazzled, frustrated or stuck in long lines. Who better to guide you than someone who loves WDW — a real person who lives nearby, visits every chance he gets, and wants to share his expertise so that you can have as much fun as he does.

Author Steven M. Barrett has field-tested every single tip and tactic in this book, not just once or twice but as often as every week over many years. The result —Touring plans that actually work!

You will find:
  • Flexible, detailed touring plans customized to the specific interests of adults and teens, families with younger children, and seniors — all refined and updated for 2003. Plus alternatives for dealing with the unexpected.
  • Insider tips … least crowded bathrooms … best resting places … attractions with minimal waits … shady spots for viewing parades … what to bring … where to eat … how to have maximum fun with minimal stress.


  • Tips for taking great photos
  • Offbeat, fun activities for repeat visitors to enjoy
  • At-a-glance ratings of more than 70 WDW sit-down restaurants — plus tips for getting seated with minimal waits.
If you follow Steve's recommendations and touring plans, you will be as prepared as possible for a successful voyage to WDW. Enjoy!

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Vacation Guide to Disney World for Scrapbooker

By Dennis and Karen Sullivan
With the Vacation Guide to Disney World for Scrapbookers, you can bring home the most important part of your vacation, the pleasant memories of your experiences. This book shows you how to capture memories, in four unique ways.

First, although Orlando is an extraordinary place to have fun, it is easy for people to forget most of the things that they see and do. There are so many experiences, one right after another, that they won't all sink in unless you fix the memories in your mind right away. The "Talk About It!" sections of this book guide family discussions about the attractions, right on the spot. Use them to compare experiences and relive the details of a ride while you stop for a snack or wait in the next line. You will remember more of the fun things you saw and spend quality time talking to each other, too. There are "Talk About It!" sections for most major attractions.

Second, back at home, there usually is little to prompt you to recall the pleasant memories of your vacation (certainly not the credit card bills). You already know the solution to this problem; MAKE SCRAPBOOKS. The "Imagine That!" sections of this book are filled with tips and suggestions for your scrapbooks. Make pages based on the outstanding make-believe themes in Orlando resorts, parks and attractions. Sample page layouts are not included. There are many other books and magazines with these types of examples. Instead, this book provides idea seeds based on the unique fantasy themes and experiences you will find in Orlando. Put together these theme park page ideas with your favorite layouts, and make some really creative scrapbooks. Don't be limited to scrapbooks, either. Try one of the memory-prompting alternatives to traditional scrapbooks.

Third, in order to bring home positive memories, you must plan. You can't bring home the best memories if you didn't experience them in the first place. The Vacation Guide to Disney World for Scrapbookers has descriptions and details on all seven Orlando theme parks, plus Disney resorts, so you can decide what to see. Pick the parks and attractions your family would like. At the same time, you should be using the scrapbook idea seeds to start thinking about your page themes, and planning where you will get pictures and other memory materials.

Fourth, you can take a little break from your vacation and get your gift shopping done. This edition has a special bonus section, the "Disney Shopping Guide for Gift Givers." Disney stores have toys and souvenirs, of course, but you will be surprised how much more you can find. Special shops have outstanding selections of household items, art, clothing, craft items, etc. from around the world. Disney buyers really do use as much imagination as the ride designers. Make your vacation live through the gifts you find to bring home. The Shopping Guide pinpoints locations of the great shops. They are on Disney property and easily reached on the excellent resort transportation system. Shop descriptions include merchandise samples and prices.

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Fodor's Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando, and Central Florida 2003
No matter what your budget or whether it's your first trip or fifteenth, Fodor's Gold Guides get you where you want to go. In this completely up-to-date guide our experts who live in the Orlando area give you the inside track, showing you all the things to see and do -- from must-see sights to off-the-beaten-path adventures, from shopping to outdoor fun. Fodor's Walt Disney World (R) Resort, Universal Orlando (R) Resort, and Central Florida shows you hundreds of hotel and restaurant choices in all price ranges -- from budget-friendly B&Bs to luxury hotels, from casual eateries to the hottest new restaurants, complete with thorough reviews showing what makes each place special. The Smart Travel Tips A to Z section helps you take care of the nitty gritty with essential local contacts and great advice -- from how to take your mountain bike with you to what to do in an emergency. Plus, web links and mix-and-match itineraries make planning a snap.

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Frommer's Walt Disney World and Orlando 2003

By Jim and Cynthia Tunstall
You'll never fall into the tourist traps when you travel with Frommer's. It's like having a friend show you around, taking you to the places locals like best. Our expert authors have already gone everywhere you might go -- they've done the legwork for you, and they're not afraid to tell it like it is, saving you time and money. No other series offers candid reviews of so many hotels and restaurants in all price ranges. Every Frommer's Travel Guide is up-to-date, with exact prices for everything, dozens of color maps, and exciting coverage of sports, shopping, and nightlife. You'd be lost without us!

Completely updated every year, Frommer's Walt Disney World & Orlando is on top of all the latest developments, including all the new shows and rides. You'll get full details on the Universal Parks and Sea World, in addition to our comprehensive coverage of all the Disney attractions.

This easy-to-use guide includes ratings, candid opinions, and suggested age groups for all the rides, up-to-date maps, and insider tips on how to plan your itinerary and minimize your time spent standing in line, so you'll be able to enjoy every minute of the magic. You'll even get a color fold-out map and an online directory that makes trip-planning a snap!

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The Cheapskate's Guide to Walt Disney World: Time-Saving Techniques and the Best Values in Lodging, Food, and Shopping

By Michael Lewis and Debbi Lacey
Showing vacationers how to plan ahead, this pull-no-punches guide will help anyone--not just cheapskates--have the best Disney World vacation ever.

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Walt Disney World and Orlando for Dummies 2003

By Jim and Cynthia Tunstall
More visitors flock to Disney each year than to any other spot on earth, with new theme parks and hotels sprouting up every season. This complete guide helps singles and families, the young, and the young at heart navigate this perennially popular fantasy mecca. Walt Disney World and Orlando for Dummies includes:
  • Full coverage of all Orlando-area parks, from Disney and Islands of Adventure to Discovery Cove and the new Holy Land Experience
  • Savvy, time-saving tips on how to escape the endless lines and go straight to the major attractions
  • Candid opinions about what's a can't miss and what's a waste of time
  • An honest discussion of the pros and cons of booking accommodations inside or outside the parks -- plus the latest on Disney's new on-site resort, the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Universal's new Hard Rock Hotel

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Walt Disney World for Couples : With or Without Kids (2002-2003) by Rick and Gayle Perlmutter
Walt Disney World—The Ultimate Playground

Walt Disney World is the perfect destination for couples seeking a fun and romantic getaway. Luxury resorts. World-class wining and dining. Golf. Tennis. Water sports. Live music. And, of course, lots of glorious Florida sunshine and the magic of Disney. This up-to-date book is loaded with everything you need to have the Disney and Universal Orlando vacation of your life. Inside, you'll find ideas for awesome adventures like surfing, waterskiing, and race car driving, plus romantic and fun ways to spend your time at Disney World and Universal. You'll also discover:
  • How to choose the perfect resort for you—accommodations, atmosphere, maps, and more
  • Tips on finding the most romantic spots
  • Up-to-the-second prices and the best values for lodging, food, and attractions
  • And so much more!

Bringing the kids? You'll find detailed information on planning the family vacation of a lifetime. This is the most comprehensive and valuable guide to a romantic rendezvous at one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world-with or without kids!

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The Everything Travel Guide to the Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, and Greater Orlando: A Complete Guide to the Best Hotels, Restaurants

By Jason Rich
America’s favorite vacation spot-made fun and easy for the entire family!

Packed with seemingly endless things to see and do, the Orlando area is the number one vacation destination in the country. In this third edition of the wildly successful Everything® Guide to The Walt Disney World Resort®, Universal Studios®, and Greater Orlando, travel expert Jason Rich shares his latest tips on how your whole family can have a great time-without breaking the bank.

This completely revised and updated third edition features a system that rates all the rides, shows, and attractions for each member of your family. In addition, the book includes a fully updated hotel/motel resource guide, along with rated restaurant listings and the inside scoop on all the latest additions to the theme parks.

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Walt Disney World 4 Teens by Teens : The Hottest Rides, Coolest Shows, and Best Places to Eat and Shop!

By Kim Wright Wiley and Leigh Chandler Wiley
A Teen's Guide to the Best Place on Earth

Want to have a great time at Disney World—beyond the typical kid's stuff? Walt Disney World 4 Teens by Teens is the first book to give you insider tips on the hottest parks and rides. Inside, you'll find fun hints, like how to get picked to be a stunt double on the Indiana Jones ride, what the best seats are on Countdown to Extinction, and more! From MGM's Tower of Terror to water rides at Universal's Islands of adventure that will leave you dripping, you'll get a teen's perspective on what's hot (and what's not), including:
  • The coolest—and scariest—rides
  • Fun places to eat, shop, and hang out
  • How not to get trapped in a lame show
  • Music shows and popular hot spots for teens
  • Ratings of the most teen-pleasing rides
  • How to beat the crowds
  • Get the most for your money
  • And much more!

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Insight Guide: Walt Disney World Resort and Orlando

By John Gattuso
About Insight Guides:
As the Internet offers an increasing amount of up-to-date travel information, what gives Insight Guides their edge? The answer is contained in the name. Because we use local writers, editors and photographers whenever possible, our books supply more than the facts about a destination - they provide valuable insight into a culture and its people. Readers who want their vacation to be more than a sightseeing trip put their trust in our titles because they know Insight Guides provide a complete and honest picture, and turn a visit into an experience. Each of the 200 titles contains illuminating cultural and historical essays, incisive evaluations of the destination's attractions, hundreds of great pictures, and clearly drawn maps cross-referenced to the text. A comprehensive Travel Tips section lists practical data on travel, restaurants, hotels, shops and more. The book's hard-wearing cover comes with handy flaps containing maps plus an at-a-glance location finder and Travel Tips index.

About Insight Guide: Walt Disney World Resort and Orlando
This guide includes a section detailing city's history, three features covering the practicalities of the park, ranging from survival strategies to the business of pleasure, a visitor's guide to the sights, and a comprehensive Travel Tips section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers. It also includes hundreds of photographs and 18 maps.

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Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World

By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright
This lively guide lives up to its title by page 5, when it poses the question, "What do Viagra and Walt Disney World have in common?" (Answer: you have to wait an hour for a two-minute ride. B-dum-bum.) Savvy authors Diane Bair and Pamela Wright amuse and inform as they deliver the lowdown on where to see Mickey M. in "person," dump your sullen teens for a few hours, or book a much-needed "serenity massage" after a long day of toddler-wrangling. Handily divided into sections covering accommodations, dining, diversions, and so forth, this wry tome leaves no stone unturned or bloated cartoon character unpunctured. Perhaps most valuable is the flinty, no-nonsense analysis of the various themed Disney hotels--which ones appeal to children, which to adults, and which are best avoided altogether. And if you have any energy left after the Magic Kingdom spits you out, you'll also find info on the Orlando area's other attractions--can you really afford to miss Gatorland?

Description from Amazon.com

Looking for a travel guide that goes where other guides fear to tread? One that rides roughshod over ad-copy puffery to smartly deliver the real scoop on a destination's sites and attractions? One that dares to be honest, hip, and fun? Look no more. Frommer's Irreverent Travel Guides are wickedly irreverent, unabashedly honest, and downright hilarious, and provide an insider's perspective on which attractions are overrated tourist traps and which are the secret gems that locals love. You'll get the lowdown on restaurants, lodging, and shopping, and even find out what the locals think of you. "Like being taken around by a savvy local," said the New York Times. "Hipper and savvier than other guides," concurred Diversion magazine. Never shy about confronting the issues, the Irreverents are guides to real travel in the real world.

It's said that if you can't have fun at Walt Disney World, you may want to check your pulse. But you don't have to be driven mad either by the crowds, the aggressive good cheer, or the gloppy sentiment. With the smart, funny, and straight-shooting Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World you won't lose your mind--or your kids. Find out which rides and attractions are really worth seeing--and those you shouldn't waste your time on. Find out which Disney food is really worth eating and which isn't. Get insider tips on beating the system, such as how to avoid standing in long lines, and how to get a room with a view. With this refreshingly honest guide your trip to the Magic Kingdom will be both supremely manageable and deliciously fun.

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Rita Aero's Walt Disney World: The Essential Guide to Amazing Vacations
Rita Aero has completely revolutionized the concept of the Walt Disney World vacation, opening up the Magic Kingdom to fun-loving vacationers everywhere--singles, couples, business travelers, families with children--and becoming the ultimate authority on planning the perfect Walt Disney World getaway. While Rita's book is also perfect for the "traditional" Walt Disney World family, it emphasizes the infinite grown-up pleasures of Disney World--scrumptious restaurant reviews, strategic hotel selection, tips to beat the maddening crowds. New this year there will be a section about Universal Studios Orlando. Rita Aero offers invaluable tips on how and when to avoid crowds, where and when to eat, and masterful packing tips, all packaged in her elegant, usable 2-color interior design. And Aero's vaunted website will expand the utility of the book by giving readers to-the-minute updates on attractions and money-saving offers. Rita Aero's Walt Disney World for Adults will be the guide for young-at-heart Walt Disney World vacationers.

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Vegetarian Walt Disney World and Greater Orlando

By Susan Shumaker and Than Saffel
(Forward by Paul McCartney)
Vegetarian Walt Disney World and Greater Orlando is the first comprehensive guide to eating well in America's number one vacation destination. Over 300 pages in length and with a foreword by Sir Paul McCartney, the guide includes all the information traveling vegetarians and their families need, organized the way they need it:
  • Reviews and ratings of over 275 restaurants, markets, and lodgings throughout Orlando, including more than 160 eateries at Walt Disney World alone
  • 23 pages of maps of the theme parks and the city, with recommended establishments clearly marked
  • At-a-glance charts comparing restaurant features, making it quick and easy to find the perfect place to eat
  • Special sections devoted to meatless kids' meals, and advice on finding more healthful alternatives
  • In-depth chapters on Universal Orlando's newly expanded theme parks and resorts, and a separate chapter on the Disney Cruise Line
  • Strategies for eating well en route to Orlando--by plane, train, or automobile--and veg-friendly dining at Orlando International Airport
  • Background information for the traveling vegetarian, including what to expect--and what to avoid!--at ethnic restaurants of all kinds, and advice on scoring the meal of your dreams

    Description from Publisher

Walt Disney World for Mature Travelers

By Kerry Smith
For those of us who measure a vacation by how much fun we have, not by seeing and doing it all. Enjoy every minute of your trip, whether you're on a roller coaster or relaxing by the pool.

Walt Disney World for Mature Travelers will help you make the most of your Orlando vacation--and then some--with everything you need to plan lodging and transportation before you go and thorough information on every theme park, ride, and restaurant. Don't follow the crowds! Make smart decisions on what to see and what to skip based on your interests and preferences.

With tips on:
  • The shortest lines, the quickest transportation, and beating the crowds
  • The best days to go - a week can make all the difference
  • Planning an all-adult vacation or blending grandkids' enjoyment with your own
  • Top bargains and first-rate quality in lodging, dining, and souvenirs
  • Orlando attractions not covered by any other guide!

Whatever your plans, Walt Disney World for Mature Travelers will give you the information you need to plan a vacation to remember.

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Making Memories on Your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation 2003

By Dann Hazel and Josh Fippen
Ready for a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation Planning Guide that helps you customize the most memorable, most original Disney Vacation possible for you and your family?

Well, here it is!

Veteran travel writers Dann Hazel and Josh Fippen—with a little help from a brand new, self-proclaimed "Disney Nut," Aronda Parks—guide you through the rugged terrain of planning a first-class, fun-filled, and, most of all, original vacation at Disney’s Florida Resort. Collectively, the authors have visited Walt Disney World Resort more than fifty times since its opening in 1971—and in Making Memories, they share all they have learned to get the most out of a Disney vacation. Many other Disney veterans offer their personal tips, as well.

Certainly, you’ll find the necessary planning information. But during your journey through this unique guide, you’ll also feel a strong sense of amazement, of delight and anticipation, similar to the sensation you’ll get as you approach the entrance to the Magic Kingdom. And with Aronda Parks’ special insights and candor—and more than 85 charts, sidebars and worksheets to help you plan—you’ll find yourself well-prepared to show everyone in your family a grand time with Mickey Mouse and the Gang.

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Econoguide Walt Disney World, Universal Orlandor 2003: Also Includes SeaWorld and Central Florida

By Corey Sandler
In addition to featuring detailed maps to the theme parks, a lowdown of rides and attractions, and a listing of restaurants, this guide offers sound advice on where to stay and when to go to avoid the crowds. Step-by-step daily itineraries show travelers how to make the most of their stay. Dozens of money-saving coupons are included.

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Berlitz Walt Disney World & Orlando Pocket Guide

By Jennie Hess
This guide is packed with stunning photographs, easy-to-use maps, and all the information you really need to get the most from your trip. Visit all the Walt Disney World Resort parks such as the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Take in attractions beyond Disney borders like Universal Studios Escape, SeaWorld Orlando and Wet 'n Wild. In downtown Orlando see the Church Street Station, Carr Performing Arts Centre, Orlando Museum of Art or the Orlando Science Center. If it's outdoor activities you're looking for there's fishing, sailing, biking and golfing just to name a few. You'll find all this in the Walt Disney World & Orlando Pocket Guide as well as dining and lodging recommendations along with tips to help you tackle the parks, including an eight-point plan for making the most of your time.

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